Fitnesscape Creative Studio is a collaboration of  Mike Pena’s Creative Design with his children in   design-build outfit. The goal of the company is to find balance between design and function. After probably hundreds of projects turned over, Mike now shares the same passion with his children, consistently and passionately pursuing and delivering excellence.

The name Fitnesscape Creative Studio is actually inspired by Paul’s thesis while completing his architecture program in the same institution his father graduated from, University of Santo Tomas. Being a green advocate himself, Mike realized the importance of building projects with a healthy environment. Fitnesscape Creative Studio is bent on giving their clients the kind of structure that can harness Nature as an integral part of the design, Mike ensures that the people who will eventually spend time in it will be Healthy.

The goal of the company is to strive for excellence and never compromise thus they always deliver superior service to its clients. It roots on its design-build arrangement, wherein the bond of trust and accountability is far greater between the architect and owner.

The team of Fitnesscape Creative Studio is committed to cover the whole gamut of service a client would need, paying close attention in integrating site specific factors that affect the client’s lifestyle and cultural background. Then, the design follows.

Fitnesscape Creative Studio is a host of dynamic talented designers and architects, led by Mike Pena and his children, Paul, Ice, and Carla.


Theses new architectural approaches involve the reinterpretation of vernacular practices and a growing interest in traditional and sustainable materials and craftsmanship. Construction techniques are being adapted from local context. The importance of well being and healthy environment is reflected in the emphasis of fresh air thru passive cooling, natural light and spatial variety to accomodate individual needs. Climate related issues such as solar orientation and prevailing winds to reduce energy consumption and to mitigate a hot humid and harsh climate, are given attention. All these factors influence our design  in how the houses interact with their immediate urban context and their inhabitants. This can be seen in how we plan the house that reflects traditional practice, or in how local materials and interior details are used to provide a sense of continuity in cultural values across generations.

We personalize. We recognize the uniqueness of each of our clients and approach them distinctively. Projects are positively affected by our development and execution process, which is centered on three core ideas: finding out what works for them, creating stunning aesthetics, and contributing to what can make their lives better.


Urbanization, surging economic growth, and globalization in general have triggered significant social change and has tremendously increased the carbon footprint of the environs, because of this, our company has refocused a distinct set of architectural priorities. Yet we are not abandoning our architectural heritage, rather we are merging global trends to produce stylistic eclecticism.

We are focused. We know that by doing good, we create something better. The roots of our design are conscious – procedures that reduce carbon footprints, construction techniques that are adaptive to local set-up, utilization of eco-friendly materials, and creating a sense of continuity in local traditions.